Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart // Review & Discussion

If anything, Genuine Fraud is unique. It moves backwards in time so at the start, we’re reading what would be the end? And work towards what would be the start but is actually the end. Confused yet? Don’t worry, I’ll explain why I loved and hated this.

We follow Jule, a social butterfly (kinda) and Imogen a rich girl running away from her problems & parents. We get two perspectives into their friendship, the one Jule perceived and the one Imogen actually experienced.
Both different, both a bit confusing if I’m totally honest. As we move through the book it becomes more and more obvious what’s happening, but I was still invested and managed to read this in 3 days.

Genuine Fraud is branded as a mystery/ thriller but I don’t think I’d really use those words to describe it? It’s really interesting and I was hooked from the get-go but once I reached the midpoint I was pretty sure what was happening and the suspense died a bit.

The end (actually the start) was a bit of a let down for me, I was underwhelmed and disappointed that everything happened because Jule needed rent. I was annoyed because the entire plot is written like there is a bigger purpose to Jule’s story, but if there was I failed to miss it.

The last thing I really have to say about it is that I loved the layout, and I liked the back in time thing we had going on, but I paid no attention to the time-stamp at the top of each chapter. So if you’re like me & skip on details, maybe try and pay a tad more attention to the chapter heads of this one!

I’m super interested to see if you have read this book if you want to read it & what you thought!

If you wan to purchase Genuine Fraud you can here!


Warcross, Marie Lu // Review & Spoilers

I’m not one for doing plot recaps and book introductions, so if you don’t know what Warcross is about, here’s the brief rundown.
Set in the future, a virtual reality ‘game’ has taken over the world and is so popular it’s essentially a way of life. The creator Hideo is a billionaire and enlists the help of Emika, a young hacker/ bounty hunter to help him find a hacker that’s glitching out the VR world of Warcross and trying to sabotage the final games.

The hackers online name is Zero & that’s what we’ll call them for now! Zero is elusive; from the very start we are lead to question everyone that Emika meets because she’s suspicious at everyone. Until she narrows it down a bit and eliminates some options I was convinced it was the wrong person. Which was great because it kept me guessing and I didn’t get bored! (I’ll talk more about the people later)

The world that Lu created was AMAZING to me because it’s just scary that that’s where we are heading! When I stop and think of all the companies fighting to bring out the next big move in virtual reality, how long will it take for us to actually live in a virtual world?Where we sit at home and can work in a virtual office with virtual people from all over the world? It kinda fascinates me & Warcross just captured the world perfectly.

Hideo the billionaire, he’s strange. This is where the spoilers kick in guys so if you don’t want to be ruined. Turn away!
He’s strange because he’s build up to be this restrained but lovely person. Like you can tell he has issues and it’s almost like..  So, you know when you find out a villain had a redeeming quality? It’s that but in reverse! You find out that Hideo’s brother disappeared while they played together one day & he takes it hard (obviously, I mean.. he lost his brother. I’d be messed up too) BUT that’s the reason why Hideo thinks he can roll out a new technology that will stop people from committing crime. A good gesture, but takes away people’s free will! A thing Emika has a problem with because she committed a crime, but it was in defence of a friend.

I should say, Hideo and Emika get it on a bit which isnt a surprise! BUT I’m calling it now, that Emika actually falls in love with Zero in the next books. & it will be a love triangle-ish. Oh yeah, it will be an awkward triangle because Zero is actually Hideo’s missing brother! & hacked the game to try and stop the mind control techniques that Hideo was planning!

& with that my friends, I’m off to download Legend. A book I read years ago but didn’t finish. Because a little bird told me that Warcross and Legend is set in the same world! & now I need to catch up.

Buying Books

I mentioned in my last post that I was failing at being positive, but one of the ways I cheer myself up is to read.
Simple right? Just pick up a book and read! Oh the joy!

But no friends, it’s not that simple. I have bookshelves FULL of books that I have yet to crack open. (not a metaphor, I actually crack the spines)
I have a lot of excuses as to why I haven’t started to read them, like some of them I started but they didn’t grab my attention so I didn’t bother to give it a chance (I’m a terrible human, I know.) others I just liked the idea of.. You know the ones, the one that you want people to see you reading on the train or to spark an interest from someone looking at your bookshelf. Yeah, I have a log of these ones. /

Right now, I’m about to get ready to go to work, but have an urge, or maybe more of a duty to myself to go and browse the new fiction shelves in Dymocks. Ya know just to make sure they’re all alphabetised correctly?…

& if I happen to come out with some new bestsellers…
Fuck it, life’s short.

Carve the Mark // Review

Oooookay. Let’s start by saying that Veronica Roth is one of my favourite authors and & I love her writing. Which is why I was super excited for Carve the Mark!

I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, but I was a bit lost.
In theory, this book had everything I wanted. It’s set in a different time & place as a dystopian fantasy & had hints at a lesbian romance without it being in your face, but just.. Normal. Which was so refreshing!

Basically everyone has a current gift, some have fates and the fated have been protected until now when there fates have been released to the public so they are in serious danger. Just go with it trust me, it will make sense soon.
Some people can also see into the future. Which is helpful but also not.

Through this story we swap chapters between Akos and Cyra. Yeah I have no idea how to say half of these names so the the sake of this review you should know how I read them in my head. Aa-cos & Ceri-ia, probably wring but hey my head read it and now thats how they will forever be known to me.
Doe anyone else do that? Like a book will say the character has brown hair and blue eyes but you think of them with blonde hair and a glass eye and it’s just how it is. No point in changing it 4 chapters in!

Anyway! Akos and Cyra are jumping through chapters, which I hate. Mainly because if I don’t pay attention I wonder why Akos is doing things Cyra shouldn’t,Processed with VSCO with t1 preset but then realise it’s her chapter not his.
The whole way through this book I struggled. Struggled to understand what was happening, struggling to see the point in things that were happening. Struggling to finish it at times. But I stuck with it because I had nothing else to read and paid 12.99 ON KINDLE for this book. Yeah, I know..

I couldn’t keep track of where they were, what plant was where, and was exhausted trying to keep up!

I guess the last thing to do is address the elephant in the room and talk about the controversy in this book. There were many many issues with book bloggers all over the world (except a choice few, who seemed to have been paid to love it). I don’t want to discuss too much about it because at this point it’s been a while since I read the book, and I’ve read more reviews since writing this one in my notebook where I think I’d be bias in talking about certain issues.
The issues raised won’t affect some people at all, and those people are lucky & will probably enjoy the book in it’s entirety.


& that’s all I have to say about this unless anyone wants to continue the discussion in the comments! I’ve had too much coffee today so need some friends to talk about this with!


The Cursed Child // Discussion

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, let’s start this by saying there’s spoilers galore in this post and I have a lot to say, so this may not be put together very well. Just roll with it.

Let’s start with a quick breakdown of this plot. It’s set way after the last Harry Potter book, in fact, we’re following our favourite characters kid’s which should be a really special and significant experience. But I’m afraid for me it just wasn’t. For one main reason, that we’ll get to later.
Albus and Scorpus (Harry and Malfoy’s son’s respectively) steal a time turner from the ministry & go back in time to the Triwizard Tournament to save Cedric.
This stem’s from Albus’s serious daddy issues. He thinks his dad is being cruel by not going back to save his friend and stop all the pain his death caused his family.

Obviously it wouldn’t be much of a story if it worked, so the first time is a complete fail. They go back again to the mermaid lake to stop Cedric completing that task, which in theory will stop him advancing to his death. But as a result, he emerges embarrassed and humiliated from the lake and then becomes a deatheater. What the f….

The rest of the story is them trying to fix their previous mistakes & leads them to Godrics Hollow.
I should have mentioned before that the ‘cursed child’ in the title is hinted at being Scorpius the entire book. But dun dun dun, it’s not. Its this one character we know as Cedric’s cousin. But she’s not actually his cousin, she’s Voldemort’s love child with Bellatrix. The little bitch lied to Albus and Scorpius to get them to fuck up the future to make her dad king of the fucking world.

How this all gets’s resolved is quite well done though so I won’t ruin that. But I do need to address Albus and Scorpius’ relationship. & WHY THEY WERNT TOGETHER?! They had the kind of friendship that was well on it’s way to true love. & I shipped it so hard. But we were reminded constantly that Hermione’s daughter is only in this story to really drive home the fact that Scorpius isn’t gay. & doesn’t play any bigger role

I’d really like to know what you thought of this script. I enjoyed it, though the review may not make it seem like that, but I promise I did.

I’ve also already made a video about this, that I will leave right here for you’re viewing pleasure.


Thirst by Benjamin Warner

Eddie Chapman find himself standing in the scorched remains of his neighbourhood, everything is ash. Everything is dead. Including the body he’s standing over currently trying to bury.

After finding himself stuck in an usual traffic jam, Eddie decides to abandon his car on the freeway and run home to his wife Laura. Once home we quickly learn that the power, water and phone services are all down. & Laura is nowhere to be seen.
In this dystopian disaster it becomes apparent very fast that no one is about to come and rescue the residents of this suburb. With no water, the rivers and streams dried up and the very earth the stand on turned to ash, we know as much as the characters that are battling to survive on toilet water and pickle juice. 9781408865057

Having read this book in two sittings I can honestly say it was refreshing to read a dystopian novel where you are in the disaster, you’re living with the characters, making their decisions with them. Seeing how those decisions lead to either life or death. While I found a few of the neighbour characters insufferable, for the most part I loved their reasoning when faced with adversity.

Without giving too much away, the ending presented me with the urge to read more of this now dystopian world. Eddie is presented with this functioning way of life and now has to deal with the consequences of all his actions throughout this ordeal.

Thirst is available in August 2016 and retails at 27.99 AUD. Allen & Unwin sent me this copy published by Bloomsbury to review.