Sukin Review: Skincare for the Low Maintenanceā€‹

Right, let’s start by saying that I am in no way good at this. It’s an already established fact. I just find things I like and chat about them until the cows come home.

This month (well, last month) I turned 25, and with that birthday came a host of fears and expectations. One of which was that I needed to start looking after my skin/body.
So, I obviously went out in search of the best skincare available and found out that looking after your skin is horrendously expensive.

Then I found Sukin. (at the risk of this sounding like a sponsored post, it’s really not. I just love what I’ve found with this brand and hey, if they wanted to sponsor me who could blame a girl for jumping at that chance!)
Sukin is an Australian brand that makes skincare super affordable and does amazing things in general. It’s free from a heap of back things (including animal testing) and the most important thing here is that it WORKS.

I’ve made a video where I ramble on and on about the brand and products I have but thought IĀ could also hop on here while I sip on my iced coffee and chat about it some more.

Sukin 1

These 3 (of 5 that I’ve used) products are amazing. The mist toner leaves my skin refreshed as f*&K. It’s lightweight but after scrubbing the makeup off my face at night time it’s so refreshing and hydrating I kinda end up just sitting in the bathroom saturating my face with it.

I’ve almost run out of the Recovery Serum, which apparentlyĀ isn’t necessary if you use oil too (I use rosehip oil) but I use it in the morning to moisturize before makeup because it’s not heavy or sticky.

The moisturiser is good, but let’s be honest. I’m not even sure what a ‘good’ moisturiser feels like. This is my first attempt at a proper grown-up skincare routine so I’m essentially a kid in a candy shop with no limit on my allowance and an impending tummyache. If I use the toner, serum and moisturiser all at once, my skin feel’s overwhelmed and like, sticky? I’m not sure if I’m just doing it wrong but, that’s what happens!

Sukin 2

The Micellar water is strange. & again, I’m not sure I’m using it right?? At first, I just assumed that it was a normal water, popped it on a cotton pad took off my makeup and went to bed. THAT WAS A MISTAKE! I woke up with a sticky eye!!

Then, after reading the instructions I realised you’re supposed to use the water, THEN wash your face with the foaming cleanser. Then it worked a lot better!
When I do this, my skin feels a bit sensitive after the rubbing of a cotton pad, but a few sprays of the toning mist and it feels fresh again.

I really recommend these products to anyone like myself that’s a bit lost on skincare or that loves a bargain. Especially teenagers I feel like this is a good place to start. So there you have it, a 25-year-old’s review on skincare. Someone that know’s nothing about skincare recommending a product to other people that probably know nothing about skincare!
Let me know if you enjoyed this post or if you try any of the products mentioned!

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Let’s talk skincare, because I have none. Nada, zip & zilch.

That’s right, literally none. A friend who’s making her own skincare range asked me what I used to wash my face & my reply floored her. What did I say?

I’ve been after that radiant, glowy look that everyone and their sister wants though so decided to do a little shop.
I went to Priceline & picked up two Sukin products that are pretty natural & don’t test on animals which is always a plus! Then popped over to Lush to get some staples (sea spray for my mane) & picked up a cleanser, body conditioner, facial scrub & even a lip scrub?

I’m not one to fuss around with skincare, but I do get frustrated when my make up looks caky or doesn’t take away all my imperfections which when I think about it, is a bit stupid because right now it doesn’t have a good base.

I’m telling you all this because it stemmed from that friend, but also waking up like 90% more anxious that I needed to me yesterday. So, buying things to make me feel better about myself made me feel more in control of my life. (seriously does that happen to you? Because I feel like I can’t be the only one & don’t want this to turn into me getting a shopping addiction.)


I’m most excited for Anglels on Bare Skin, which has lavender in it, I’m hoping it’s calming and soothes the redness on my face. Ocean Salt is a massive favourite of mine, usually for my body, but I got this small pot for my face! & I’m hoping Popcorn will rid my lips of all the dead skin I CONSTANTLY bite off and leave my lips in a shambles. (Again, I can’t be the only one who does this?! It’s so sore, but so satisfying??)

Sea Spray is just in there for good measure, didn’t want him feeling left out now did we?