Searching For a Job & Needing to Find The Fear! 

If there’s one thing I can say that is positively soul destroying, it’s looking for a job. And as someone that directs potential employers to this blog, that’s a risky thing to say! But hear me out!

So, number one. I don’t currently have “The Fear”. The fear is when you quit your current job and that gives you more incentive to look for a new job because ya know, rent and bills.
I don’t have that. I’m just in a job that I’m tired of. I’ve reached as far as I can go in the company and I need to challenge myself and look for new opportunities. It’s not the feat but its a fear that I’m using as motivation.

So, every day after work I scroll and scroll to try and find jobs. I start with the jobs I want. In content creation, writing, blogging basically I want to be paid to do this for a living!
Once I realize I’ve applied for all these jobs, I move on to casual work that will tide me over while I apply for more content creation jobs. Which is fine! I’ve applied for clothes shops, for cafe’s & reception jobs.

Yesterday I hit a new low though. I applied for the position of document scanner. A DOCUMENT SCANNER THAT WOULD SUIT A SEMI-RETIREE.

I feel like it’s at the stage where I should be thinking about giving up. But I won’t I will still apply for everything! There is a company out there somewhere that wants to hire me! They’re just making me work for it is all..


Let’s Try This Reading Thing Again

It’s not that I ever fell out of love with reading, it’s just that I always found an excuse. I had no time, I was too tired.. Blah, blah blah. I always managed to put it off which looking back on it makes me quite sad because I love reading. It’s always brought me such joy!

It’s been a while since I bought a book that got me excited to dive into it! The last book I really got into was A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. & I loved it! If my memory is right, it was the 3rd book in the series & I was loving it! But that was ages ago, and I have to admit I have yet to finish it. It’s not that it’s not a fantastic series! Because it’s amazing and let’s be honest, Sarah J. Maas could write about a potato wedge & I’d read it.

Because it’s been so long since I started to read that, I feel like I can’t just pick it up and finish it off. So, I went shopping!
I managed to find my kindle, it’s pretty old at this stage it’s about 4? But works well & I always forget how amazing it is! Especially because I have a longer commute to work now since moving I can use the extra time to read, & I don’t have room in my bad for a big book.

Anyway, I bought Marie Lu’s Warcross! & I’m SUPER excited for it because I remember reading Marie Lu when I was younger and she had a trilogy called Legend & I couldn’t get into it at all. I wasn’t big into trilogies when I was a teen, what can I say.. I loved the first one though, & remember thinking I wanted to read more of her stuff.

FUN FACT: Up until this point I didn’t realise that I had downloaded The Young Elites! I think I read it on holiday, while on a 14 hour flight to Vietnam! & after googling, realised also that Lu wrote that too. Jesus. Does anyone remember when I was an actual good book blogger? Because I sure don’t.

Back to the matter at hand though, I’m even more excited to read Warcross now because I enjoyed The Young Elites.

Because it’s October I’m also pretty excited to read some horror! First on the list is IT by Stephen King, for obvious reasons. But I’m in need of more recommendations! So if you have any favourite books to read at this time of year, please, please let me know!

Until then, happy reading!

We All Have ‘Off’ Days & This is How I Get Motivated!

It’s no secret, everyone has ‘off’ days. I especially can wake up in the mother of all bad moods and am guilty of just lounging on the couch watching YouTube videos all damn day. But I recently read some advice I wanted to share! Because it was so simple, and really applied to my moods a lot.

The advice? BE MESSY.

Need some context? I’ve chatted before on here about my frustrations with creativity & how I can lack motivation. Basically to cut a long story short, when I’m in a bad mood and try to be productive, I end up being way too hard on myself. If I make a small mistake I get angry and frustrated and wind up in a worse mood than then I started! Super fun hey?

So if I think of it the advice to be messy is perfect. If I can just get myself to a place where I can write ANYTHING and not put any pressure on myself and the blog and basically anything creative that I want to do, imagine how amazing that would be? So it’s something that I really want to work on this month!

To put this plan into action, I obviously need to be in a bad mood. Which I’m not right now.. So we play the waiting game.
Other factors I’ll be including in my plan, coffee & Spotify. Usually the music I listen to when I write is a focus or study playlist from Spotify because it’s calm, the music is already there and it has an option to keep playing similar music once a playlist is over. Which takes the decision out of it so I can just roll with it.

I want to know though, how you get out of the slump? How you stop yourself retreating into a bottomless pit of the internet or movies.

Blogtober Day 5: Education

I’m writing this super late into the 5th but the minute I seen the topic I knew I had to write about it! 

Education is something I took for granted, it’s something I assumed I’d always get back to and just eventually figure out. But I haven’t! 

& I’ve talked many times before about not putting pressure on young people to figure out their entire life but now being 25 and looking back I can’t help but think to myself maybe there needs to be a balance? 

Has anyone else found that, you definelty don’t need a degree to get a good job, but it sure as hell makes it a lot easier? Because right now for the jobs I’m looking at, they want a degree. I don’t have one so obviously it seems like I’m failing in life just a little. 

But on the flip side, I have a life in Australia that I’d have never dreamed of if I stayed to study in Ireland! So it’s a strange one to think about. 

In saying all that, continuining my education is something that I one hundred percent want to do, but did anyone else go the long way about this aspect of life? And do you have any regrets about it? Or even any regrets about studying! If that’s the path you took! 

Period Diaries: Day 3 AKA The Forgotten Day

So here’s my theory. We don’t complain about day 3 because it’s not AS bad as day two. So when we compare the pain day 3 isn’t worth mentioning. 

It’s worth mentioning today. 

I woke up 3 times last and rolled around my bed/ floor in agony. It was a pain that went from my pelvis up to my belly button and then felt like a knife stabbing me through my vagina. 

Today isn’t out to the best start but I managed to catch up on sleep this morning and stayed in bed until 12 hehe. Now I’m thinking I need a massive coffee but I’m afraid because of the Day 2 poop fiasco. 

So I decided to have a coffee. She writes sitting on the toilet in work before her shift starts. *eyeroll* why do I do this to myself? 

Update: it’s 7pm and I’m not dying as much as I thought I would today. I popped into Glue and bought two shirts I did not need to make myself feel better. 

I feel better. 

Okay so I’m now sitting on the train home with no pad on because my period has completely stopped. Alas, we all know this is just a mind game and by the time I get home I will need to put a pad back on. Either way I’m happy I survived this cycle. 

& I’m happy I shared it with you! Talking about periods is something we ALL need to do more & shouldn’t shy away from. 

Should I Feel Guilty About Being Lazy?

Being lazy is my passion in life. It’s not just about procrastination it encompasses an entire week’s work. For example: I tend to work 2 mornings and 3 evenings (3-11) in a standard week. & this throws my body out of whack because usually my bedtime is like 9 or 10pm. So going from normal bedtime to late bedtime throws me off. I literally live for the two days off I have that I can catch up on all the sleep I lost.

But it’s not just about sleep, I love staying in bed, on social media, watching YouTube videos until I get restless then I’ll go as far as sitting up to watch the TV. Crazy I know.
The only issue with being lazy like this is that I know I have things to do, a house to pack up, cupboards to empty and groceries to buy & right now I’m not panicked about that but you bet your ass at 4PM today before I need to leave the house I’ll manage to do everything I was supposed to do in an hour out of sheer panic!

It’s not the ideal way to spend my weekends but it works for me & that’s what matters.

How do you spend yours?

Battling Clothing Sizes! Am I 12, 14, 16 or 18? Hint: It’s all of the above!

Plot twist! I can be anything from a 12 to a 18 depending on the store, the item or the time of the month! Battling with clothing sizes is hard for me because it can affect me emotionally and mentally put me in a bad space when I can’t find things to fit. But, I figure others need to be experiencing this too so why not open up a conversation about it?

My name is Lisa, usually I’m a size 12, but buy a 14 in pants so they fit my thighs, I wear baggy shirts to cover my muffin top & if I’m buying jeans.. Just forget about it that ship is one I can’t board!
I used to LOVE TopShop jeans (size 12) but now it seems now, that they changed their sizes? However, I was desperately looking for jeans on day 2 of my period in a boiling hot changing room soooo, that might have something to do with that!
Jay Jay’s boyfriend jeans (size 12) are the winner’s right now because they fit in all the places I need them to fit! & come with rips. I love rips.
After the TopShop battle of 20017 (what I’m calling the event mentioned above) I ran to Meyer (department store) to try on ‘good quality jeans’ because if I pay more… They have to fit better? WRONG! I have so many regrets about this! I tried on a pair of jeans from SuperDry (size 14) and paid 130 dollars for them. & I hate them. They’re dark wash which I hate, the small rips hurt me with glue sticking out of them & honestly, they for my calves, and thighs but my waist is swimming in the top half.

Like I said. It’s a struggle.

When it comes to T-Shirts, everything is a 14 – 18 or M-L. I want it to be baggy and loose, flowy and just comfortable tbh. In today’s trends that’s hard. Everything is tight, cropped and literally made for women smaller than my left thigh.
Is it so hard to add a bit more fabric? Or have your tops fit true to size? I’m not even sure who I’m talking to here but just anyone! Make clothes normal again!

Shopping has become a struggle I just keep putting off. Right now, I need some basic’s. I need some plain T-Shirts and maybe a pair of shorts to get me through summer!
Suggestions for some good basics are welcome! Suggestions for sizing that actually fits is also welcome! & if you want to rant in the comments fucking go for it! Because this topic pisses me off so much!