How To Fail At​ Posting Regularly

Are you ready? I’m about to impart some tried and tested ways to positively fail at posting regularly on a blog.

  1. Forget you even have a blog.
    Seriously, I have forgotten about Lissaah many, many times before. But hey, I’m here now, so that’s what matters, right?
  2. Get sick.
    & utilise all the free time off you have by coughing up phlegm & blowing your nose while binging YouTube and Netflix.
  3. Move house.
    Promise yourself you’ll document the process but get so stressed out about it that you end up having no time to even unpack let alone stop for pictures or write a post.
  4. Sit down & plan.
    But end up mostly just decorating your diary or bullet journal for like 3 days straight.
  5. Play with your new cat.
    More specifically my new kitten, Birdie.
  6. Watch movies as background noise.
    Then completely ignore the post you’ve been writing.
  7. Menstrual Cramps.
    Enough said.

Okay, you caught me, this isn’t a helpful list. This is a list of excuses that I have been using to put off writing! I think it happens to us all that life just gets in the way and we end up needing to take time for us!

Granted that’s an inconvenience when you want to be a professional writer and like need to write but even still, you always need to take time for you!


How to Deal With Stress

Are you stressed?
Yeah, me too.
I don’t deal with it very well at times. I like to just retreat into myself, ignore the world and sleep. Not the best method hey? But sometimes it’s just so exhausting you know.
Having to go out into the world, facing hoards of people wondering what they’re wondering, if they’re wondering what you’re wondering.

They’re not.

I like to read, to escape to a different world & be different people because I don’t mean to be angry, or irritable. I don’t want to be. I just am. It’s how I feel in the moment & my face gives too much away.

Everything is just so big, I can’t see any way around it, under it or through it. Until I stop, breath and really look at it. Force it to be smaller in my mind, force myself to climb over it and kick it behind me.
I laugh at people who say stress is healthy, I envy those people who don’t give two fucks about anything. The ones who glide through, blissfully unaware of life, you know the ones. I bet you envy them too!

There’s always a way around though, when you feel completely lost in it. You just need to find the things that makes you inexplicably happy.

What’s yours?