October Book Haul

I don’t know what got into me this month, but I was like lets buy some books. & it started off with me just downloading one book onto my Kindle. Which was Warcross by Marie Lu and I loved it! So once I had finished that, I was on a YA kick. More specifically a Marie Lu kick! I downloaded Legend, read it in like 2 days then downloaded Prodigy which I’m currently reading.

Prodigy is a bit slower for me than Legend for some reason. I have read half of Prodigy before and just never really got into it. This time I’m a bit more invested in the characters and I’m following the plot a bit better so I’m making more progress but it’s still slow. I keep thinking I’ve read over half of it but then look at the percentage I’ve read and it’s only 28%.

Since I had bought all Kindle books, I went to Dymocks and decided to pick up Illuminae by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman. Which is fucking HUGE. But I’m excited to read it because I completely missed all the hype around it last year. Along with Illuminae I bought Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart. I read We Were Liars by Lockhart a good few years ago but I remember loving it so much I recommended it to everyone that would listen. So I’ve been eyeing it up for a while and decided to finally buy it!

Because I bought Illuminae and Genuine Fraud before I’m finished Prodigy I really, really just want to start one of them! But because this happened with Prodigy before I’m trying to push through and just get past the boring formalities that come along with the second book in a trilogy. Especially dystopian series, you know that world building part where we see how the dystopia came to be? But in an unusually drawn out way? Yeah. You know what I mean.

Annnnyway! They’re they books I purchased in October! & the ones I’m planning on reading into the start of November! I had wanted to focus on some Halloween inspired reads but I got distracted by Marie Lu and her amazing worlds. & Dymocks and their amazing sales.

What will you be reading to finish off October?


Blogtober Day 5: Education

I’m writing this super late into the 5th but the minute I seen the topic I knew I had to write about it! 

Education is something I took for granted, it’s something I assumed I’d always get back to and just eventually figure out. But I haven’t! 

& I’ve talked many times before about not putting pressure on young people to figure out their entire life but now being 25 and looking back I can’t help but think to myself maybe there needs to be a balance? 

Has anyone else found that, you definelty don’t need a degree to get a good job, but it sure as hell makes it a lot easier? Because right now for the jobs I’m looking at, they want a degree. I don’t have one so obviously it seems like I’m failing in life just a little. 

But on the flip side, I have a life in Australia that I’d have never dreamed of if I stayed to study in Ireland! So it’s a strange one to think about. 

In saying all that, continuining my education is something that I one hundred percent want to do, but did anyone else go the long way about this aspect of life? And do you have any regrets about it? Or even any regrets about studying! If that’s the path you took! 

Period Diaries: Day 3 AKA The Forgotten Day

So here’s my theory. We don’t complain about day 3 because it’s not AS bad as day two. So when we compare the pain day 3 isn’t worth mentioning. 

It’s worth mentioning today. 

I woke up 3 times last and rolled around my bed/ floor in agony. It was a pain that went from my pelvis up to my belly button and then felt like a knife stabbing me through my vagina. 

Today isn’t out to the best start but I managed to catch up on sleep this morning and stayed in bed until 12 hehe. Now I’m thinking I need a massive coffee but I’m afraid because of the Day 2 poop fiasco. 

So I decided to have a coffee. She writes sitting on the toilet in work before her shift starts. *eyeroll* why do I do this to myself? 

Update: it’s 7pm and I’m not dying as much as I thought I would today. I popped into Glue and bought two shirts I did not need to make myself feel better. 

I feel better. 

Okay so I’m now sitting on the train home with no pad on because my period has completely stopped. Alas, we all know this is just a mind game and by the time I get home I will need to put a pad back on. Either way I’m happy I survived this cycle. 

& I’m happy I shared it with you! Talking about periods is something we ALL need to do more & shouldn’t shy away from. 

Period Diaries: Day 2 AKA Hell on Earth

So, it’s a public holiday Monday here in Australia. It’s a gorgeous day & I’m sat writing this on the toilet. Because my body hates me apparently. 

Anyone that’s ever had a period before I think is familiar with the ‘period poos’. They hurt & they are the devil incarnate. That’s all I wish to say on this matter. 

I woke up at 4am feeling wet, & not in a sexual way! I had to change my pad, undies and pyjamas before I had to take more painkillers then rolled onto my unsuspecting partner & tried to use her as a hot water bottle. 

Today’s agenda is:    

  1. Finish pooping 
  2. Go to lunch with friends 
  3. Not shit my pants at lunch 
  4. Go to work 
  5. Not shit my pants at work 

It sounds pretty doable but there are always those moments when you just don’t know what’s happening down there.

I’ll check back in with an update later, for now I need to try and get ready! 
Sooooo it’s 9pm, I’ve had the day from hell. Currently back sat on the toilet in work, trying to explain to a coworker that I’m not dying, just under pressure. Honestly, if I ever own a company my staff get day two off because it’s the worst. 

All in all, today was a massive pain in my… Everywhere. Tomorrow will be better. I hope. 

ASOS Haul, Skincare Haul & Vlog

When you need clothes, skincare & also want to chat about renting a house with your Bae!

Documenting My Life

It’s something I’ve thought about constantly, I want to have memories to look back on. I want to relive moments in my life that I could forget. & I want to have fun with a hobby that I love.

It’s no secret that I’m having a hard time finding the joy in work, so I’m making an effort to find more joy out of work.

My spare time however, consists of me attempting to finish books, singing Disney songs (Specifically Moana) at the stop of my voice & sitting at a computer trying to make something of myself.

How the hell do you document that?
I’ve tried an Instagram a day, I’ve tried blogging each day & there’s only so much talking about work and coffee I can do?

I’m leaning towards vlogging as I already enjoying making videos but also, that scares me.
Scared is good sometimes though, right?

I ask myself, ‘is this what people want to see?’. But then need to remind myself that that’s not why I’d be doing this. It’s a completely selfish act.

All for me, but people can share if they want!

The Cursed Child // Discussion

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, let’s start this by saying there’s spoilers galore in this post and I have a lot to say, so this may not be put together very well. Just roll with it.

Let’s start with a quick breakdown of this plot. It’s set way after the last Harry Potter book, in fact, we’re following our favourite characters kid’s which should be a really special and significant experience. But I’m afraid for me it just wasn’t. For one main reason, that we’ll get to later.
Albus and Scorpus (Harry and Malfoy’s son’s respectively) steal a time turner from the ministry & go back in time to the Triwizard Tournament to save Cedric.
This stem’s from Albus’s serious daddy issues. He thinks his dad is being cruel by not going back to save his friend and stop all the pain his death caused his family.

Obviously it wouldn’t be much of a story if it worked, so the first time is a complete fail. They go back again to the mermaid lake to stop Cedric completing that task, which in theory will stop him advancing to his death. But as a result, he emerges embarrassed and humiliated from the lake and then becomes a deatheater. What the f….

The rest of the story is them trying to fix their previous mistakes & leads them to Godrics Hollow.
I should have mentioned before that the ‘cursed child’ in the title is hinted at being Scorpius the entire book. But dun dun dun, it’s not. Its this one character we know as Cedric’s cousin. But she’s not actually his cousin, she’s Voldemort’s love child with Bellatrix. The little bitch lied to Albus and Scorpius to get them to fuck up the future to make her dad king of the fucking world.

How this all gets’s resolved is quite well done though so I won’t ruin that. But I do need to address Albus and Scorpius’ relationship. & WHY THEY WERNT TOGETHER?! They had the kind of friendship that was well on it’s way to true love. & I shipped it so hard. But we were reminded constantly that Hermione’s daughter is only in this story to really drive home the fact that Scorpius isn’t gay. & doesn’t play any bigger role

I’d really like to know what you thought of this script. I enjoyed it, though the review may not make it seem like that, but I promise I did.

I’ve also already made a video about this, that I will leave right here for you’re viewing pleasure.