Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart // Review & Discussion

If anything, Genuine Fraud is unique. It moves backwards in time so at the start, we’re reading what would be the end? And work towards what would be the start but is actually the end. Confused yet? Don’t worry, I’ll explain why I loved and hated this.

We follow Jule, a social butterfly (kinda) and Imogen a rich girl running away from her problems & parents. We get two perspectives into their friendship, the one Jule perceived and the one Imogen actually experienced.
Both different, both a bit confusing if I’m totally honest. As we move through the book it becomes more and more obvious what’s happening, but I was still invested and managed to read this in 3 days.

Genuine Fraud is branded as a mystery/ thriller but I don’t think I’d really use those words to describe it? It’s really interesting and I was hooked from the get-go but once I reached the midpoint I was pretty sure what was happening and the suspense died a bit.

The end (actually the start) was a bit of a let down for me, I was underwhelmed and disappointed that everything happened because Jule needed rent. I was annoyed because the entire plot is written like there is a bigger purpose to Jule’s story, but if there was I failed to miss it.

The last thing I really have to say about it is that I loved the layout, and I liked the back in time thing we had going on, but I paid no attention to the time-stamp at the top of each chapter. So if you’re like me & skip on details, maybe try and pay a tad more attention to the chapter heads of this one!

I’m super interested to see if you have read this book if you want to read it & what you thought!

If you wan to purchase Genuine Fraud you can here!


Blogtober Day 5: Education

I’m writing this super late into the 5th but the minute I seen the topic I knew I had to write about it! 

Education is something I took for granted, it’s something I assumed I’d always get back to and just eventually figure out. But I haven’t! 

& I’ve talked many times before about not putting pressure on young people to figure out their entire life but now being 25 and looking back I can’t help but think to myself maybe there needs to be a balance? 

Has anyone else found that, you definelty don’t need a degree to get a good job, but it sure as hell makes it a lot easier? Because right now for the jobs I’m looking at, they want a degree. I don’t have one so obviously it seems like I’m failing in life just a little. 

But on the flip side, I have a life in Australia that I’d have never dreamed of if I stayed to study in Ireland! So it’s a strange one to think about. 

In saying all that, continuining my education is something that I one hundred percent want to do, but did anyone else go the long way about this aspect of life? And do you have any regrets about it? Or even any regrets about studying! If that’s the path you took! 

Period Diaries: Day 2 AKA Hell on Earth

So, it’s a public holiday Monday here in Australia. It’s a gorgeous day & I’m sat writing this on the toilet. Because my body hates me apparently. 

Anyone that’s ever had a period before I think is familiar with the ‘period poos’. They hurt & they are the devil incarnate. That’s all I wish to say on this matter. 

I woke up at 4am feeling wet, & not in a sexual way! I had to change my pad, undies and pyjamas before I had to take more painkillers then rolled onto my unsuspecting partner & tried to use her as a hot water bottle. 

Today’s agenda is:    

  1. Finish pooping 
  2. Go to lunch with friends 
  3. Not shit my pants at lunch 
  4. Go to work 
  5. Not shit my pants at work 

It sounds pretty doable but there are always those moments when you just don’t know what’s happening down there.

I’ll check back in with an update later, for now I need to try and get ready! 
Sooooo it’s 9pm, I’ve had the day from hell. Currently back sat on the toilet in work, trying to explain to a coworker that I’m not dying, just under pressure. Honestly, if I ever own a company my staff get day two off because it’s the worst. 

All in all, today was a massive pain in my… Everywhere. Tomorrow will be better. I hope. 

I Have Things To Say

Buying Books

I mentioned in my last post that I was failing at being positive, but one of the ways I cheer myself up is to read.
Simple right? Just pick up a book and read! Oh the joy!

But no friends, it’s not that simple. I have bookshelves FULL of books that I have yet to crack open. (not a metaphor, I actually crack the spines)
I have a lot of excuses as to why I haven’t started to read them, like some of them I started but they didn’t grab my attention so I didn’t bother to give it a chance (I’m a terrible human, I know.) others I just liked the idea of.. You know the ones, the one that you want people to see you reading on the train or to spark an interest from someone looking at your bookshelf. Yeah, I have a log of these ones. /

Right now, I’m about to get ready to go to work, but have an urge, or maybe more of a duty to myself to go and browse the new fiction shelves in Dymocks. Ya know just to make sure they’re all alphabetised correctly?…

& if I happen to come out with some new bestsellers…
Fuck it, life’s short.

My Favourite Ways to Wind Down

I feel like I’m an expert in unwinding. Only because I get so stressed out about every little thing that I have my personal tried and true methods for what helps me relax after a long day, week or even month!


  1. Reading
    If you’ve been reading this blog for a while it’s no secret that I love to read. The idea of escaping to another world full of mystery and suspense is, in my opinion, the best way to escape thinking about how Sally in work was mean to me today.
  2. Exercise
    I am a very recent convert to exercising to relieve stress. There was a time when I could think of nothing worse than going for a jog or a class when I was dead tired and all I wanted was my bed. But now I’ve seen the light. Pushing myself on the treadmill or kicking the sh*t out of that boxxing bag it gets all mu anger out and then I’m either too tired to care or my body is full of happy endorphins that calm me down!
  3. Theo Time
    Theo is the name of my very fat tabby cat. & I can’t possibly stay uptight when I see his little face trotting toward me to say hello after I’ve been out. If you don’t have a pet, I recommend you make friends with people that do!
  4. Journalling
    Again, this one is new to me! I’ve started a bullet journal & at first I was like a very unorganized fish out of water, I didn’t know how to use it! 3 months in, I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly what to do with it. But having somewhere to come and jot down all my thoughts and relefections on the day is pretty chill. I keep track of my mood form day to day and also any triggers that could have made me feel this way.
  5. Wine
    Okay, so this one isn’t really one I do daily. I promise. Once a week maybe bi-weekly I’ll pour myself a whopping big glass of red wine, invite some friends over and just chill out.


I want to know if you use any of these to wind down after work, school or life in general! But I especially want to know what you differently? Leave a comment!

How I Came Out… 15,579 KM From Home. Pt. 2

*continues sipping coffee*

So, we’ve covered all the events leading up to me being in Australia.

I guess from there it was essentially just me living life over here, I found a job. & that’s where I met Trish. She was my supervisor at the time which seems a tad inappropriate. We were friends first, who started flirting. & if I tell you why you might think I’m an asshole… Which I’m okay with because I usually am..

Our flirting stemmed from a rumour that we were already dating. & another girl at work wasn’t happy with that because she was always hitting on & flirting with Trish. So we amped up the flirting. It gave Trish some peace of being hit on every day & it was fun.

It was around this time I was like why am I still flirting with her? I’m not a lesbian, I don’t like girls. & I had two messages with two very good friends and they were like but what if you are? What does it matter? You obviously have feeling for this chick. Let yourself be you. So I did. & let me tell you, I was in deep, deep denial. If I ever had a doubt I was a lesbian. It’s well and truly gone now.

After some drinks one night with friends, we were at Trish’s house. She’ll tell it differently , but I definitely made the first move.

The morning after, I was like well.. I guess I should talk about my feelings with someone. So I waited all day, the time difference sucked. & then called my parents. Who were confused, and told me I was selfish for calling them to tell them what happened.

I was sad, and hurt because I didn’t know how else to do it, I was to scared to face them on FaceTime, too anxious to just text them. So I did it how I felt most comfortable. I mean it was either that or I didn’t come out until I came home. Which means I technically would still be in the closet…

Soon after, I told my family here. Who said they knew all along. Typical.

And word just spread I guess.

I did tell you this wasn’t an exciting story. Just a little snippet of my life, but an important one to me. Because if I didn’t call that radio station, and I wasn’t picked as the winner.. I can’t see myself being who I am, as happy as I am or with someone nearly as special as Trish is to me!

I wanted to write about it because yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of me winning the competition. Which is just surreal to think about.