How To Fail At​ Posting Regularly

Are you ready? I’m about to impart some tried and tested ways to positively fail at posting regularly on a blog.

  1. Forget you even have a blog.
    Seriously, I have forgotten about Lissaah many, many times before. But hey, I’m here now, so that’s what matters, right?
  2. Get sick.
    & utilise all the free time off you have by coughing up phlegm & blowing your nose while binging YouTube and Netflix.
  3. Move house.
    Promise yourself you’ll document the process but get so stressed out about it that you end up having no time to even unpack let alone stop for pictures or write a post.
  4. Sit down & plan.
    But end up mostly just decorating your diary or bullet journal for like 3 days straight.
  5. Play with your new cat.
    More specifically my new kitten, Birdie.
  6. Watch movies as background noise.
    Then completely ignore the post you’ve been writing.
  7. Menstrual Cramps.
    Enough said.

Okay, you caught me, this isn’t a helpful list. This is a list of excuses that I have been using to put off writing! I think it happens to us all that life just gets in the way and we end up needing to take time for us!

Granted that’s an inconvenience when you want to be a professional writer and like need to write but even still, you always need to take time for you!


Searching For a Job & Needing to Find The Fear! 

If there’s one thing I can say that is positively soul destroying, it’s looking for a job. And as someone that directs potential employers to this blog, that’s a risky thing to say! But hear me out!

So, number one. I don’t currently have “The Fear”. The fear is when you quit your current job and that gives you more incentive to look for a new job because ya know, rent and bills.
I don’t have that. I’m just in a job that I’m tired of. I’ve reached as far as I can go in the company and I need to challenge myself and look for new opportunities. It’s not the feat but its a fear that I’m using as motivation.

So, every day after work I scroll and scroll to try and find jobs. I start with the jobs I want. In content creation, writing, blogging basically I want to be paid to do this for a living!
Once I realize I’ve applied for all these jobs, I move on to casual work that will tide me over while I apply for more content creation jobs. Which is fine! I’ve applied for clothes shops, for cafe’s & reception jobs.

Yesterday I hit a new low though. I applied for the position of document scanner. A DOCUMENT SCANNER THAT WOULD SUIT A SEMI-RETIREE.

I feel like it’s at the stage where I should be thinking about giving up. But I won’t I will still apply for everything! There is a company out there somewhere that wants to hire me! They’re just making me work for it is all..

We All Have ‘Off’ Days & This is How I Get Motivated!

It’s no secret, everyone has ‘off’ days. I especially can wake up in the mother of all bad moods and am guilty of just lounging on the couch watching YouTube videos all damn day. But I recently read some advice I wanted to share! Because it was so simple, and really applied to my moods a lot.

The advice? BE MESSY.

Need some context? I’ve chatted before on here about my frustrations with creativity & how I can lack motivation. Basically to cut a long story short, when I’m in a bad mood and try to be productive, I end up being way too hard on myself. If I make a small mistake I get angry and frustrated and wind up in a worse mood than then I started! Super fun hey?

So if I think of it the advice to be messy is perfect. If I can just get myself to a place where I can write ANYTHING and not put any pressure on myself and the blog and basically anything creative that I want to do, imagine how amazing that would be? So it’s something that I really want to work on this month!

To put this plan into action, I obviously need to be in a bad mood. Which I’m not right now.. So we play the waiting game.
Other factors I’ll be including in my plan, coffee & Spotify. Usually the music I listen to when I write is a focus or study playlist from Spotify because it’s calm, the music is already there and it has an option to keep playing similar music once a playlist is over. Which takes the decision out of it so I can just roll with it.

I want to know though, how you get out of the slump? How you stop yourself retreating into a bottomless pit of the internet or movies.

The Return of Blogtober, Being Sick & Moving House.

So, I was on a fucking blogging roll the last week! Every day I managed to get a post up! & I was super proud of my little non committal self. However, a little thing called gastro ruined my life.

The day before we were due to move house, I had to call in sick at work because my innards tried to escape my body every 30 minutes. Can you imagine how scary it is trying to lift a fridge onto a trailer & not knowing if your body is going to betray itself? Lemme tell ya.. It’s not fun.
Even still I powered through! We put in a 13 hour day of going back and forth, with little water and no food until about 8PM. This was my first mistake!
The next day, Sunday, I felt tired and run down but the place still needed to be unpacked! We needed groceries and needed to clean in general so I powered through again!

Mistake number 2.

I woke up on Monday thinking that I was going to die. I managed to fall asleep in my toilet while coughing up blood. So needless to say, this week was a complete write off.

Today is the first day that I’m able to get up and move about and eat a bit more normally. Which is good, but now all I want to do is reorganise my ENTIRE HOUSE. My pantry makes no sense, my living room needs to be disinfected and I need to wash my entire wardrobe after being crinkled up in bags for 2 days.

The lesson I learned though, was to take it easy! & that I don’t need to prove to anyone that I can do the things that need to be done. When your body starts to be run down, just fucking listen to it next time, Lisa. Okay?

My remedies have been cold and flu tablets and many green teas! How do you make yourself feel better when you’re run down and not feeling great?

Love Wins, You’re Not Alone & VOTE YES

Imagine waking up on a gorgeous Sunday morning, the sun is shining, you have coffee on your way to work and look up at the clear blue sky and see “VOTE NO” spelled out in the clouds.

This legit happened in Sydney this morning. & honestly, I’m angry but it also strangely empowered. I wanted to make this quick post, and urge anyone effected by the hate and the negativity in this debate (I hate even calling it that because it shouldn’t be a debate in this day and age.) ANYONE at all affected, to message me if they want to talk.

Because in a world so full of hate, love will win and we need to show each other the support they’re trying to take away from us!


Am I a Hypocrite? Yes, Yes I Am.

I try to be positive, my advice is to always look on the bright side of life, there’s always a silver lining & it can’t be THAT bad surely.
I’m a hypocrite because.. Well number one, I couldn’t spell hypocrite. (many auto corrects are happening on this post.)
Number two, I never take my own advice.

I woke up in a fantastic mood today. & when I get to work it just flipped. 180 degrees to the point where you would think I was getting ready to travel into Mordor never to see my cat again.

& honestly, it irritates me. Because I remember so clearly writing a post, challenging myself to be more positive and happy especially on here, so I can look back and see that I was happy and feel like I’ve not wasted my life being sad, and angry at nothing.

Multiple workmates tried to cheer me up to no avail. (sorry guys)

And I know that it’s nothing something that will change overnight & I can’t expect it to either but I can’t lie and say that it’s particularly easy either.

All I can do is keep trying! Because I’m sad but I’m not a quitter & I will be happy again.