The Return of Blogtober, Being Sick & Moving House.

So, I was on a fucking blogging roll the last week! Every day I managed to get a post up! & I was super proud of my little non committal self. However, a little thing called gastro ruined my life.

The day before we were due to move house, I had to call in sick at work because my innards tried to escape my body every 30 minutes. Can you imagine how scary it is trying to lift a fridge onto a trailer & not knowing if your body is going to betray itself? Lemme tell ya.. It’s not fun.
Even still I powered through! We put in a 13 hour day of going back and forth, with little water and no food until about 8PM. This was my first mistake!
The next day, Sunday, I felt tired and run down but the place still needed to be unpacked! We needed groceries and needed to clean in general so I powered through again!

Mistake number 2.

I woke up on Monday thinking that I was going to die. I managed to fall asleep in my toilet while coughing up blood. So needless to say, this week was a complete write off.

Today is the first day that I’m able to get up and move about and eat a bit more normally. Which is good, but now all I want to do is reorganise my ENTIRE HOUSE. My pantry makes no sense, my living room needs to be disinfected and I need to wash my entire wardrobe after being crinkled up in bags for 2 days.

The lesson I learned though, was to take it easy! & that I don’t need to prove to anyone that I can do the things that need to be done. When your body starts to be run down, just fucking listen to it next time, Lisa. Okay?

My remedies have been cold and flu tablets and many green teas! How do you make yourself feel better when you’re run down and not feeling great?


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