A Guide To NOT Saving Money

So, we’ve all been in that position in life where something happens and you slump against a wall and think ‘fuck I need some money’. 

Well if you haven’t you’re lucky because I have! This year, after treating myself too much with a holiday & all the shopping on holiday (I’m pretty sure I spent about 1000 dollars in Urban Outfitters.. yikes.) & finally getting smacked with a 600 dollar tax bill. I am in exactly this positions 

Currently I’m moving house which means more rent. We’re moving from a share house which luckily when I moved in had everything, but not so luckily now I need to buy EVERYTHING A HOUSE NEEDS. 

& this is sound stupid but I never realised just how much a house needed! I had to buy a can opener for a tin of mushy peas I bought but couldn’t eat because it didn’t have a pull tab. 

So, you can imagine I need to save some dollar and fast. & for any normal person that would mean not following the list I’m about to write! But alas, I’m not normal. I can’t curb my spending & so here’s how I don’t save money. 

  1. Shopping! Yesterday I went to glue and got two tops for 80 but put them on AfterPay so I’d feel like I wasn’t spending too much! 
  2. Kmart. I don’t need to elaborate. 
  3. Hair & skin care.. Okay, this one is somewhat important. You need to look after yourself! But did I need to spend $250 dollars trying to go blonde and end up orange? The answer is a firm no on that one. 
  4. Coffee is a staple in my life. It’s the one luxury I’m not willing to give up. I can awknowledge the fact that spending $30 a week on coffee isn’t exactly healthy. But it’s not gonna change anytime soon sooooo on to number 5.
  5. Eating out! I work mostly evenings which means I get HANGRY. & I don’t have much foresight for planning ahead with food. So I end up hitting 7-8pm I need to eat and just happen to be in the city where I can order ANYTHING. It’s just so easy! 
  6. Tap & go. I don’t think of money as money if that makes sense? When I tap and don’t physically see the exchanging of money it’s like I get free things all the time! This isn’t healthy. 

I’m willing to bet that you do these to! That’s right I see you there scrolling along thinking you’re not guilty of this! 

It’s okay, if I can make an effort to try and save some cash so can you! Once I finally pay back my tax. & stop going to Kmart of course! They might be some famous last words though! 


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