Period Diaries: Day 3 AKA The Forgotten Day

So here’s my theory. We don’t complain about day 3 because it’s not AS bad as day two. So when we compare the pain day 3 isn’t worth mentioning. 

It’s worth mentioning today. 

I woke up 3 times last and rolled around my bed/ floor in agony. It was a pain that went from my pelvis up to my belly button and then felt like a knife stabbing me through my vagina. 

Today isn’t out to the best start but I managed to catch up on sleep this morning and stayed in bed until 12 hehe. Now I’m thinking I need a massive coffee but I’m afraid because of the Day 2 poop fiasco. 

So I decided to have a coffee. She writes sitting on the toilet in work before her shift starts. *eyeroll* why do I do this to myself? 

Update: it’s 7pm and I’m not dying as much as I thought I would today. I popped into Glue and bought two shirts I did not need to make myself feel better. 

I feel better. 

Okay so I’m now sitting on the train home with no pad on because my period has completely stopped. Alas, we all know this is just a mind game and by the time I get home I will need to put a pad back on. Either way I’m happy I survived this cycle. 

& I’m happy I shared it with you! Talking about periods is something we ALL need to do more & shouldn’t shy away from. 


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