Should I Feel Guilty About Being Lazy?

Being lazy is my passion in life. It’s not just about procrastination it encompasses an entire week’s work. For example: I tend to work 2 mornings and 3 evenings (3-11) in a standard week. & this throws my body out of whack because usually my bedtime is like 9 or 10pm. So going from normal bedtime to late bedtime throws me off. I literally live for the two days off I have that I can catch up on all the sleep I lost.

But it’s not just about sleep, I love staying in bed, on social media, watching YouTube videos until I get restless then I’ll go as far as sitting up to watch the TV. Crazy I know.
The only issue with being lazy like this is that I know I have things to do, a house to pack up, cupboards to empty and groceries to buy & right now I’m not panicked about that but you bet your ass at 4PM today before I need to leave the house I’ll manage to do everything I was supposed to do in an hour out of sheer panic!

It’s not the ideal way to spend my weekends but it works for me & that’s what matters.

How do you spend yours?


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