Period Diaries: Day 2 AKA Hell on Earth

So, it’s a public holiday Monday here in Australia. It’s a gorgeous day & I’m sat writing this on the toilet. Because my body hates me apparently. 

Anyone that’s ever had a period before I think is familiar with the ‘period poos’. They hurt & they are the devil incarnate. That’s all I wish to say on this matter. 

I woke up at 4am feeling wet, & not in a sexual way! I had to change my pad, undies and pyjamas before I had to take more painkillers then rolled onto my unsuspecting partner & tried to use her as a hot water bottle. 

Today’s agenda is:    

  1. Finish pooping 
  2. Go to lunch with friends 
  3. Not shit my pants at lunch 
  4. Go to work 
  5. Not shit my pants at work 

It sounds pretty doable but there are always those moments when you just don’t know what’s happening down there.

I’ll check back in with an update later, for now I need to try and get ready! 
Sooooo it’s 9pm, I’ve had the day from hell. Currently back sat on the toilet in work, trying to explain to a coworker that I’m not dying, just under pressure. Honestly, if I ever own a company my staff get day two off because it’s the worst. 

All in all, today was a massive pain in my… Everywhere. Tomorrow will be better. I hope. 


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