Period Diaries: Day 1!

I had an idea this month to do a period diary. & Document my period. Don’t ask why, because I’m not even sure why! I just love talking about periods & think more people need to be comfortable with it!

So, I was due to start tomorrow but I just pooped and unexpectedly started my period.

Welcome to day 1!

Day uno for me is usually pretty chill, it will be a like a light to medium flow with mild cramping but I will have an urge to eat anything that moves. My cat is scared of me on days 1-2.
I usually don’t get cramps until I see the blood but once the cramps start they’re impossible to get rid of unless I take painkillers in advance. As in predict an hour before I start that I need painkillers. C’est impossible!

So right now, I was in the middle of packing & cleaning (makes sense given the timing) & literally just started. I’m debating weather or not to get painkillers because we have none right now & I know later on I’ll be sore. I also need to get some cleaning supplies and pads so maybe a trip to the shops is necessary. BUT it’s Sunday, and you just know that all the Sunday shoppers will be out strolling around and my emotional state is fragile on day one.

I guess for now, I’ll keep cleaning & we’ll see how we go?

Soooo, my cramps are getting worse, I didn’t make it to the shops & I realised we have no painkillers because their in Trisha’s bag 😫😫 so for now I’m tucked up in bed with a cat on my tummy.

Okay, it’s not 16.37 & im getting ready to for dinner and to watch the NRL final. & boy am I in pain. I can’t actually move & I’m surprised because day one isn’t this bad usually. It’s one of those periods that feels really heavy, but when I go to change my pad it’s not heavy at all which is confusing me!

& tonight’s mission is accomplished. To eat without pain and sleep realitvitly painlessly. 

Goodnight friends! I’ll see ya tomorrow for day 2! 


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