Battling Clothing Sizes! Am I 12, 14, 16 or 18? Hint: It’s all of the above!

Plot twist! I can be anything from a 12 to a 18 depending on the store, the item or the time of the month! Battling with clothing sizes is hard for me because it can affect me emotionally and mentally put me in a bad space when I can’t find things to fit. But, I figure others need to be experiencing this too so why not open up a conversation about it?

My name is Lisa, usually I’m a size 12, but buy a 14 in pants so they fit my thighs, I wear baggy shirts to cover my muffin top & if I’m buying jeans.. Just forget about it that ship is one I can’t board!
I used to LOVE TopShop jeans (size 12) but now it seems now, that they changed their sizes? However, I was desperately looking for jeans on day 2 of my period in a boiling hot changing room soooo, that might have something to do with that!
Jay Jay’s boyfriend jeans (size 12) are the winner’s right now because they fit in all the places I need them to fit! & come with rips. I love rips.
After the TopShop battle of 20017 (what I’m calling the event mentioned above) I ran to Meyer (department store) to try on ‘good quality jeans’ because if I pay more… They have to fit better? WRONG! I have so many regrets about this! I tried on a pair of jeans from SuperDry (size 14) and paid 130 dollars for them. & I hate them. They’re dark wash which I hate, the small rips hurt me with glue sticking out of them & honestly, they for my calves, and thighs but my waist is swimming in the top half.

Like I said. It’s a struggle.

When it comes to T-Shirts, everything is a 14 – 18 or M-L. I want it to be baggy and loose, flowy and just comfortable tbh. In today’s trends that’s hard. Everything is tight, cropped and literally made for women smaller than my left thigh.
Is it so hard to add a bit more fabric? Or have your tops fit true to size? I’m not even sure who I’m talking to here but just anyone! Make clothes normal again!

Shopping has become a struggle I just keep putting off. Right now, I need some basic’s. I need some plain T-Shirts and maybe a pair of shorts to get me through summer!
Suggestions for some good basics are welcome! Suggestions for sizing that actually fits is also welcome! & if you want to rant in the comments fucking go for it! Because this topic pisses me off so much!


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