Keeping It Simple. A Blog Rejig and Defining My Blog!

I like to keep things simple. I like a clean uncluttered space with clear definition of where everything goes and I love to organise.
My brain however works in the exact opposite way! It’s one big massive cluttered mess & that sometimes spills over onto my blog.

Fear not though, today I spent the morning in bed, eating pizza and rectifying this mess. & before anyone says it. Spending a morning in bed, eating pizza and watching the Bachelorette is a perfectly acceptable Saturday.

Don’t let anyone tell you any different because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

Anyway, I feel good about the redesign because it’s like a fresh start in my mind!
I’ve changed the tagline to “just your average, normal, vegetarian, lesbian, size 12-16 & self confessed worst blogger ever” Because if I had to define myself and the things I want to talk about right now, they’re them!

Who knows what we’ll actually get (sometimes it surprises me too… Actually it always surprises me too) But hey, we’ll have fun trying, hey?


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