Happy Tummy Happy Lisa

I was vegetarian for four years, then woke up one morning wanting a Macca’s cheeseburger. Why? I honestly don’t know!
Trish decided that after being veggie for 4 years, I cannot waste it all on a McDonalds. So we went to a steakhouse, I had a steak and I regretting nothing! Until one and a half years later and my body feels disgusting!

So let’s break this down.
I studied animal Welfare, and made a point of educating myself on where my meat came from before eventually making the decision to be vegetarian. & I always felt great never tired or like I was lacking in nutrients. Maybe one or two months I remember not eating properly and snacking a lot because I wasn’t arsed chopping vegetables, which of course was stupid and I learned my lesson fast!

When I moved to Australia I think I focused a lot less on myself in a sense, my priorities shifted and I stopped educating myself so didn’t pay as much attention to what I was eating. At first I didn’t feel any different and enjoying having more choice but that also meant more fast food, more fried food, more frozen food too!

Boy, did I feel like a big sack of shit.

I’ve been tired all the time, I’ve been in horrible moods & always hungry but always bloated, and something had to change so I decided to give vegetarianism a go again.

Its been a month so far, and I can’t describe how much better I’m feeling. Have you noticed? I always say then, “I can’t describe” well, you’re blogging Lisa you need to learn to describe things.. I think I need another coffee tbh..


I feel less bloated, I have more energy! I eat more & stay fuller for longer and have already lost excess weight that I put on. It’s a great life. Also, mentally it feels good. (bare with me on this) so when I was educating myself on all of this, it was something I was passionate about and it made me focus on me. So now I’m trying it again, mentally I feel like I’m in control of my body again, like I’m doing something for myself and it feels good!

Have you been in the same situation? Not specifically for vegetarianism but in general about food or life! Let’s chat. I have a long shift in work ahead of me and would appreciate the company!


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