Feeling Good

Today, is a good fucking day.
I’ve spent so much time and energy being negative and talk a lot about how feeling better is a process and it doesn’t just happen. Well, today is one of the good days. & this wouldn’t be a very good blog if I didn’t share these too!

What made it a good day?
Super simple answer. I woke up, and laid in bed with my cat, Theo. Went to the shops and bought some veggies for a hearty veggie soup. Did some online window shopping for my new place. & then played the Sims.

The best part is I don’t feel guilty at all! I did other things like washing and cleaning but usually when I play a game or take a few hours for myself it doesn’t sit well with my mind & my subconscious attacks me into laying in bed fretting about everything.

Today was a good day, was it good for you too? Why? Spread the love & positive vibes!


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