Am I a Hypocrite? Yes, Yes I Am.

I try to be positive, my advice is to always look on the bright side of life, there’s always a silver lining & it can’t be THAT bad surely.
I’m a hypocrite because.. Well number one, I couldn’t spell hypocrite. (many auto corrects are happening on this post.)
Number two, I never take my own advice.

I woke up in a fantastic mood today. & when I get to work it just flipped. 180 degrees to the point where you would think I was getting ready to travel into Mordor never to see my cat again.

& honestly, it irritates me. Because I remember so clearly writing a post, challenging myself to be more positive and happy especially on here, so I can look back and see that I was happy and feel like I’ve not wasted my life being sad, and angry at nothing.

Multiple workmates tried to cheer me up to no avail. (sorry guys)

And I know that it’s nothing something that will change overnight & I can’t expect it to either but I can’t lie and say that it’s particularly easy either.

All I can do is keep trying! Because I’m sad but I’m not a quitter & I will be happy again.



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