Body Image

My own perception of my body isn’t great. I’m really up and down, I can be super confident one day and the next freak out about pants. Yes, pants.

I bought an amazing pair of striped pants in Urban Outfitters in Wales. I loved them & in my jetlagged state of mind I tumble dryed them and they shrank.
Let’s just have a moment of silence for them…

Okay, so I was laying out clothes for the next day at work, thought to myself let’s wear the pants. I decided to try them on and boom. They don’t fit my thighs. & I mean, it’s really obvious they shrank there’s no possible way that I could have put on that much weight in 3 weeks since last wearing them. & I still broke down.

Why did I break down exactly? I’m not even sure. But I sat in bed for an hour crying about my pants. To the point where I was so worked up I couldn’t sleep & thus spent yesterday utterly exhausted.

I felt like my body hated me, like I will always have to choose size over my own personal style, like I would be never be able to be comfortable with my body.

& THIS WAS ALL OVER PANTS. Pants that shrank!! Pants that I have no doubt in my mind still would have fit me if I didn’t tumble dry them!

How can someone’s body image be so poor of themselves that shrinking pants sets them off into a self body shaming spiral?

Today is a new day, and yesterday is a reminder that I need to love myself more!


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