Documenting My Life

It’s something I’ve thought about constantly, I want to have memories to look back on. I want to relive moments in my life that I could forget. & I want to have fun with a hobby that I love.

It’s no secret that I’m having a hard time finding the joy in work, so I’m making an effort to find more joy out of work.

My spare time however, consists of me attempting to finish books, singing Disney songs (Specifically Moana) at the stop of my voice & sitting at a computer trying to make something of myself.

How the hell do you document that?
I’ve tried an Instagram a day, I’ve tried blogging each day & there’s only so much talking about work and coffee I can do?

I’m leaning towards vlogging as I already enjoying making videos but also, that scares me.
Scared is good sometimes though, right?

I ask myself, ‘is this what people want to see?’. But then need to remind myself that that’s not why I’d be doing this. It’s a completely selfish act.

All for me, but people can share if they want!


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