Australian Marriage Equality 2017.. Why is this STILL an issue?

I just sat down and made a video about Marriage Equality in Australia. More specifically about my situation in the debate. ( I feel like it’s easier to talk about in video than on paper)

I moved to Australia 3 years ago, still questioning my sexuality and not thinking for one second think I’d meet someone I loved so deeply that I’d even consider marriage.
Well, long story short, I was wrong. & 3 years later I’m stuck in a debate that directly effects my future with my partner and I can’t do jack shit about it.
I’m not an Australian citizen so I can’t vote in the upcoming survey. I can talk to people about it and tell them my story but then am left wondering if it has made a difference at all.

I’m currently on a partner visa and want to be an Australian Citizen eventually but this is the most important time that I could vote in a decision that directly effects MY life.

It doesn’t in ANY way effect anyone that isn’t part of the LGBT community. Yet they’re the ones that get to decide my life? Where is the fairness in that? Where is the justification in people that tell me I am a disgusting human, why are they the ones who get to decide?



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