Setting Goals

Don’t get me wrong, setting goals is great!
Especially if you’re the kid of person that can achieve them!

I am not that person.

The only goals I can set and achieve for my self is a Netflix marathon, or going an entire week without leaving my house and not putting on a bra..

Before I went on holiday, it had been 3 years since I was home. So, you know I set some goals to loose weight. I joined a gym for 100 fucking dollars a month because that was going to be my encouragement to actually haul my ass out of bed and exercise. I had to look good, there was people I hadn’t seen in YEARS! I had to show them that australian life agreed with me, right?

Well it turns out that no one cares. I didn’t loose the weight, do you think any one noticed? They were all just so happy to see me! & I was so happy to see them that I wasn’t offended when they didn’t pretend to notice that I had lost weight. (plot twist: I actually did’t loose any).

The point of me writing this is to remind myself not to put pressure on myself. All that matters is that you’re happy and taking in life experiences. & if those experiences are having a Disney marathon on your 25th birthday, eating donuts, you fucking do it. Because life’s too short!

I’ve since cancelled my gym membership, and thats not to say that health and fitness isn’t super important to me, I’ve just learned to look at it in a different way is all. No pressure, no let downs, no tears! (No over-draught in my bank account too hehe.)


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