When blogging isn’t fun anymore!

This isn’t fun anymore!

I remember discovering blogging and my mind was blown. To think that I could do this as a hobby baffled me because I thought no one would want to listen to me. Some years later, I know that people don’t want to listen to me! But I still loved it.

I made this site as a personal blog, to vent, write, chat about everything and anything I wanted. But unfortunately that’s not the direction it went in.
I became obsessed with the aesthetic of it all & that affected how I thought of myself and this page.

It’s a funny thing to happen because not only was I making the page to please other people. I was talking about complete and utter shit topic’s that I didn’t care about so there was no passion. Which is like rule number uno for blogging. My voice wasn’t shining through and honestly, it felt like no matter what I wanted to talk about my opinions weren’t going to be valid enough to spark a conversation. So it turned into vapid chat about nothing.

All I can do is accept that the last post’s were like this, and use this realisation to move forward and keep being true to myself but honestly, I can’t make that promise, because it’s bloody hard to find self worth in today’s world.

All I want to really do is enjoy this again, and not put so much pressure on myself! Write what I want to write about & have a bloody good time doing it!



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