Dear June

Hello June, or should I say goodbye?

It’s been a fast month, I cant believe that you’ve come and gone so fast. I started you with such promise. New diets, new workouts, new books to read & stories to tell. But now, sitting here, writing to you I can’t believe how little I’ve accomplished.
I haven’t read a new book.. I haven’t read any book if I’m honest.
I haven’t discovered new and exciting artists, nor have I created anything myself.

I can’t blame you, June. You arrived with the promise of hot coffee warming my soul on your brisk winter mornings. You made me excited to wear layers again & even though I curse you at 5 am on the way to work. I’ll miss you once your icier friend July arrives.

July will bring an unnatural amount of stress, you see. Planning & packing for a 3 week trip. Saying hello then goodby to family and friends before jetting off on an adventure of a lifetime. I’m already anxious.

I wish I had known to enjoy you, June. While you lasted, a perfect month of crisp mornings, warm afternoons and chilly evenings made for cuddles.

Until next year, June.


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