5 Movies That Shaped Who I Am

Rainy days were made for movies. That’s just a fact. Especially when you’re from a country that rains like 90% of the time.

So grab your popcorn! We’re talking about the 5 movies that made me the person I am today!

  1. Back to the Future
    I know, I know.. It’s not exactly a movie that would inspire many but it’s my all time favourite! It carved the 12 year old nerd inside of me into queen of the quirky.
  2. The Craft
    I LOVED this movie, and it terrified me. Not only did it teach me that people can be mean as f*ck. I was obsessed with trying to do light as a feather, stiff as a board after this movie. Shoutout to my best friends for entertaining me for that chapter in my life!
  3. Waynes World
    Again, with the inner nerd in me! I watched this on REPEAT! Every day after school, when it would finish I’d turn it straight back on again. I dont know if it was the slapstick humour, the total babes or the music but it’s still a strong favourite of mine! Maybe more of a guilty pleaseure.
  4. Bambi
    Traumatising is one word for this movie. It was the only movie I wanted to watch as a baby. But I’d always cry my little eyes out, so the solution? My parents bought me a Bambi stuffed animal to take care of when Bambi’s mum dies in the movie. If that didn’t shape me even just a little, I give up on this thread.
  5. Mulan
    Because she’s a Boss Ass B*tch

What are some movies you remember the most growing up & why?


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