The fire glowed on her pale skin, shadows dancing on her arms and eyes so big they pierced through my soul.
“Tell me again?” Albi asked softly, running her fingers through her hair, waiting patiently.
“That I love you?” Phoenix smirked, amused at Albi’s instant flushed cheeks.
“No” Albi rolled her eyes. “About that night. How you knew something was wrong, how you ended up here.”
“Ah, but you did want to hear that I loved you.” she reached over and brushed her cheek.
Albi took Phoenix’s hand in hers.
“This isn’t a game Pee.”

Why didn’t I realise at the time, the game she was playing, the web she was weaving. Like a master craftsman making me into exactly what she needed?
How could I not see. Was I blinded by love? Maybe. Was I stupid and let my guard down? Definitely.
I groaned at how stupid I was. You’re probably wondering what I’m even talking about. I guess I should catch you up. I have time while I wait for my impending execution.

So, how did I manage to find myself in a world that hated my very existence? It’s a funny story actually. You know, besides all the torture & repression. Oh! And the deaths. Orithia was a place where all were welcome, as long as you were a certain type of ‘all’.
No misfits, no out of the box thinkers, we didn’t need anyone to come and make us better. We wanted to make them better. Who decided that? My dear old daddy of course. King of Orithia, meaning I was his princess.
His little lesbian princess.

That’s right, in a world where no one was allowed to be different, there I was spearheading the campaign of free love, and free rights for all. In secret of course, none of us wanted to get killed. And don’t think that I would have been shown any mercy. The opposite actually. I was to be made an example out of. The lost princess, returned again only for her mission to be exploited by the one she loved the most. The girl she trusted the most. The girl who collected the bounty on my head.

You need to understand, all I ever wanted was to fit in. Growing up, knowing I was so different I forced myself to fit in. Destined to a fate where I could never accept who I was, what I was, and never to fully express myself. That was until I met Reen. She was beautiful. The daughter of my father’s pilot actually, and she was unapologetically  herself. She showed me a world I never knew existed. Where people dared to be themselves. They accepted all shapes and sizes. Becoming a part of this world was my first mistake.


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