Lissaah on Not Going to Uni

Grab a coffee kids, today I’m talking about why I didn’t go back to uni, the regrets I have & the results It’s had on my life today!

So a little backstory. I never, ever, for as long as I can remember, knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had countless sessions with my guidance teacher, who basically asked what I was interested in, and told me to do a course on it. But I was torn between sciences like biology and animal care, and English, media and art.

I’ll cut a long story short and tell you, I picked animal care. I enjoyed it. But it’s not my passion. After the course I did I essentially was able to groom dogs. Which I knew I didn’t want to do. Washing sh*t and piss off dogs everyday? So. Not. My. Thing.
Despite starting to set up my own business and source places to open up a doggy salon, I realised I didn’t want to do this & once I realised this my life made a lot more sense. I stopped being so angry at life and the direction it was going and I made a decision to travel to Australia for a year.

3 years later I’m still here and I have minimal regrets. I say minimal regrets because I had to make choices. The plan originally was to move home, go back to uni, study an arts degree & figure out the rest from there. However, as I’ve mentioned in my other posts I managed to fall in love & that complicates things. In the best possible way. Suddenly I didn’t want to leave, but still wanted to study and knew that I needed to study if I wanted a career in publishing or writing.

I decided to stay, and that I could study here. Which has it’s own set of complications like expense, time & visa restrictions just to name a few things.
So now, I’m 25 in October. A slight panic setting in about how I’m just living and working in Sydney, not actually studying like the plan was supposed to go but I’m happy.
Sure I stress out about school sometimes, and by stress I mean have a full on panic attack. But it’s trying to keep positive and look at the bigger picture.

If I had of gone home, I wouldn’t have the lifestyle I have now, I wouldn’t have my relationship & I know for a fact. I wouldn’t be happy.

& that’s what matters.

Essentially, what I’m doing a really bad job of saying is don’t stress, make choices you want to make but don’t have regrets. If you make the wrong decision there’s always a way around & sure it takes longer but you need to enjoy the journey!


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