How to Deal With Stress

Are you stressed?
Yeah, me too.
I don’t deal with it very well at times. I like to just retreat into myself, ignore the world and sleep. Not the best method hey? But sometimes it’s just so exhausting you know.
Having to go out into the world, facing hoards of people wondering what they’re wondering, if they’re wondering what you’re wondering.

They’re not.

I like to read, to escape to a different world & be different people because I don’t mean to be angry, or irritable. I don’t want to be. I just am. It’s how I feel in the moment & my face gives too much away.

Everything is just so big, I can’t see any way around it, under it or through it. Until I stop, breath and really look at it. Force it to be smaller in my mind, force myself to climb over it and kick it behind me.
I laugh at people who say stress is healthy, I envy those people who don’t give two fucks about anything. The ones who glide through, blissfully unaware of life, you know the ones. I bet you envy them too!

There’s always a way around though, when you feel completely lost in it. You just need to find the things that makes you inexplicably happy.

What’s yours?


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