Thirst by Benjamin Warner

Eddie Chapman find himself standing in the scorched remains of his neighbourhood, everything is ash. Everything is dead. Including the body he’s standing over currently trying to bury.

After finding himself stuck in an usual traffic jam, Eddie decides to abandon his car on the freeway and run home to his wife Laura. Once home we quickly learn that the power, water and phone services are all down. & Laura is nowhere to be seen.
In this dystopian disaster it becomes apparent very fast that no one is about to come and rescue the residents of this suburb. With no water, the rivers and streams dried up and the very earth the stand on turned to ash, we know as much as the characters that are battling to survive on toilet water and pickle juice. 9781408865057

Having read this book in two sittings I can honestly say it was refreshing to read a dystopian novel where you are in the disaster, you’re living with the characters, making their decisions with them. Seeing how those decisions lead to either life or death. While I found a few of the neighbour characters insufferable, for the most part I loved their reasoning when faced with adversity.

Without giving too much away, the ending presented me with the urge to read more of this now dystopian world. Eddie is presented with this functioning way of life and now has to deal with the consequences of all his actions throughout this ordeal.

Thirst is available in August 2016 and retails at 27.99 AUD. Allen & Unwin sent me this copy published by Bloomsbury to review.


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