Open Door by Iosi Havilio

Hidden away in the depths of a little bookstore in Scotland, I found a book called Down the Rabbit Hole. Completely unrelated to this book except that it’s published by the same company!
And Other Stories is a fantastic publishing house that specialise in translated fiction.
They have a subscription service where for a fixed price you’ll receive a book by one of their authors either twice or up to six times a year. It’s a great way to discover new books and authors that you wouldn’t normally pick up either due to the language barrier or perhaps it’s just not in your comfort zone!

Long story short I want to give you a small review on one of their books I recently bought, Open Door.
The best way I can describe this book is strange. Strange because it’s beautifully confusing in a way that makes you want more.
It starts with a lesbian vet (YESSSS!) and her troubling relationship with her partner who the main character may or may not have unknowingly seen commit suicide. She becomes more and more drawn to the county side, more specifically a play called Open Door that boasts a lunatic asylum where patients have the ability to roam the town as they please. This concept makes you question all the characters we meet in the town , as we never know if they’re normal so to speak, or just another patient.
Without giving away too much, I gave this book 4/5 stars on GoodReads!

All in all, I read this book in one day. Which is saying something.
While I didn’t mention it above it’s worth saying that all And Other Stories books are also available on the BookDepository and also in some bookshops. Although the latter might be harder to find!


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