Carve the Mark // Review

Oooookay. Let's start by saying that Veronica Roth is one of my favourite authors and & I love her writing. Which is why I was super excited for Carve the Mark! I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but I was a bit lost. In theory, this book had everything I wanted. It's set in a … Continue reading Carve the Mark // Review


Thirst by Benjamin Warner

Eddie Chapman find himself standing in the scorched remains of his neighbourhood, everything is ash. Everything is dead. Including the body he’s standing over currently trying to bury. After finding himself stuck in an usual traffic jam, Eddie decides to abandon his car on the freeway and run home to his wife Laura. Once home … Continue reading Thirst by Benjamin Warner

Open Door by Iosi Havilio

Hidden away in the depths of a little bookstore in Scotland, I found a book called Down the Rabbit Hole. Completely unrelated to this book except that it’s published by the same company! And Other Stories is a fantastic publishing house that specialise in translated fiction. They have a subscription service where for a fixed … Continue reading Open Door by Iosi Havilio