My Issues with YA

I grew up loving to read and Young Adult books were the books I most related to. Not only did they have gripping plots that had me hooked from the first chapter, characters I loved and loved to hate, but they were a way to make friends and bond with friends from obsessing over new releases to talking about old favourites.
I specifically remember talking to Roisin, saying that we’ll be 20-30 and get kicked out of bookstores for lingering in the YA sections around all the kids! But it’s okay because we’ll never grow out of them. They’re just too darn good.

Now, 23 years of age and standing in front of a shelf of classics and Shakespeare, surrounded by non-fiction and biographical books. Not a dragon, fairy, witch or vampire in sight!
I’d lost any enthusiasm I ever had for YA books.
The problems that once felt so real because I could relate to the main characters were now small and irrelevant compared to how I was going to pay my next bill. The issues facing their love lives seemed trivial. Characters weren’t developing the way I wanted them too and I’ll be fucked if I could read about one more love triangle.

This being said, some YA books & their authors I read while I was growing up and going through puberty I consider to be my all time favourites!
There are so many I want to re-read and visit them from a different perspective, but I’m almost afraid that the person I’ve grown into will ruin them for my younger self.


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