Now, I’m not one to panic, or be anxious.. 

Lol. jk. I’m the most anxious, most panicked person I know. Granted I don’t know many people but the fact still remains. 

So usually I try to find ways to soothe my soul. Reading being the usual ease into evenings. 

Most recently, I bought a journal. No surprise there, I fucking love stationary. This one was different though, it’s a dotted journal which is to be my very own bullet journal going forward. 

I’ve heard it’s relaxing, a way to chill out and unwind at the end of the day. I’m calling bullshit on that one. I was so panicked about ruining it, I ripped out the first 4 pages. Then realised I couldn’t rip out anymore or it would ruin the layout of the notebook, I still managed to fuck up the next week. What was in my head for a March layout, did not translate well to paper. 

In an attempt to track my anxiousness. Ironically so I misspelled ‘anxioux’ & also ‘Arpil’.

In saying all this, today is a new day. A new spread, and a new outlook on bullet journaling! If I don’t make mistakes now, how will I ever see how much I’ve improved. It’s a lesson I need to learn for many things, not just journaling. 

Want to join me on this journey? Should I update the blog with entry’s from my journal? & obviously include the fuck ups? I feel like not enough people show the mess that comes along with starting a fucking bullet journal. 

Imperfections. Growing to love them I guess. 


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