My Issues with YA

I grew up loving to read and Young Adult books were the books I most related to. Not only did they have gripping plots that had me hooked from the first chapter, characters I loved and loved to hate, but they were a way to make friends and bond with friends from obsessing over new … Continue reading My Issues with YA


Happy People Read and Drink Coffee

Diane, the owner of Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, a literary cafe bookstore, faces tragedy, An accident claims the lives of her beloved husband Colin and her daughter Clara. And that’s where they story lost me. I want to start on the positives with this book because despite the theme’s and characters I didn’t … Continue reading Happy People Read and Drink Coffee


"It's just puppy fat." "It will fall off as you grow."  "Don't eat that, eat this." "Maybe you should run more, get fit." "You have big ovaries, which is common in a girl your... build..." How do you have body confidence, when all you associate with yourself are words that define the size you are. … Continue reading Genes