How I Came Out… 15,579 KM From Home

Pull up a chair kids, todays story is about how I traveled to Australia by accident, fell in love, & came out to all my friends and family at home, 15,000 km away in Ireland.

I know what you’re thinking, how does someone accidentally travel to Australia.
Obviously it wasn’t entirely an accident, but the events leading up to the decision were.
I had a boyfriend at the time, & had recently had a massive falling out with my parents. The kind where I packed up my car and moved to my friends place, then moved back  to my parents and then back to my friends. The details of that particular time in my life aren’t totally necessary . All we need to know is that I wasn’t entirely happy.

Between all the moving and hustle & bustle, one evening I was in work, as a cashier in a petrol filling station listening to the radio and there was a competition. To win Inter-railing tickets around Europe & some cash.
This was it. The adventure I needed to get away from everything and come back a new person! So.. I entered.

Somehow, I won. & used some of the cash prize to upgrade a ticket for said boyfriend at the time. this meant the total price of the tickets for inter-railing was just over 600 Euro.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and well, we broke up. We gave it a good run, about 6 months total but inevitably the end had come & I was left with a ticket for two people to go travelling & no one to come with me! Fantastic.

It just so happened that the website I was booking with did Working Holiday Visa’s in Australia. So why the hell not, I still needed an adventure, I had family here and just needed to save some money for flights. 5 months later I was on a plane to Sydney and 3 years later haven’t been home since.

Ya gotta admit, that’s a lot if what if’s and maybe’s about being in the right place at the right time. I never usually believe in things like that but it was just like this was meant to happen.

Maybe we’ll make this a 2-parter…


*sips coffee*



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