How I Came Out… 15,579 KM From Home. Pt. 2

*continues sipping coffee*

So, we’ve covered all the events leading up to me being in Australia.

I guess from there it was essentially just me living life over here, I found a job. & that’s where I met Trish. She was my supervisor at the time which seems a tad inappropriate. We were friends first, who started flirting. & if I tell you why you might think I’m an asshole… Which I’m okay with because I usually am..

Our flirting stemmed from a rumour that we were already dating. & another girl at work wasn’t happy with that because she was always hitting on & flirting with Trish. So we amped up the flirting. It gave Trish some peace of being hit on every day & it was fun.

It was around this time I was like why am I still flirting with her? I’m not a lesbian, I don’t like girls. & I had two messages with two very good friends and they were like but what if you are? What does it matter? You obviously have feeling for this chick. Let yourself be you. So I did. & let me tell you, I was in deep, deep denial. If I ever had a doubt I was a lesbian. It’s well and truly gone now.

After some drinks one night with friends, we were at Trish’s house. She’ll tell it differently , but I definitely made the first move.

The morning after, I was like well.. I guess I should talk about my feelings with someone. So I waited all day, the time difference sucked. & then called my parents. Who were confused, and told me I was selfish for calling them to tell them what happened.

I was sad, and hurt because I didn’t know how else to do it, I was to scared to face them on FaceTime, too anxious to just text them. So I did it how I felt most comfortable. I mean it was either that or I didn’t come out until I came home. Which means I technically would still be in the closet…

Soon after, I told my family here. Who said they knew all along. Typical.

And word just spread I guess.

I did tell you this wasn’t an exciting story. Just a little snippet of my life, but an important one to me. Because if I didn’t call that radio station, and I wasn’t picked as the winner.. I can’t see myself being who I am, as happy as I am or with someone nearly as special as Trish is to me!

I wanted to write about it because yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of me winning the competition. Which is just surreal to think about.



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