The Thing About Being Sick..

Two weeks later, the worst cold of my life has passed through my system, leaving me a sad mucus filled shell of my former self.

Alright, so that’s a bit dramatic.. But what is it about feeling sick, when you can’t do anything, you get super motivated to make changed, do work or finish a project. Maybe its the Codral fuelled dreams that get to me, but these past two days especially, I’ve been inspired.

Inspired to write, to go to the gym, to work, organise, clean.. You name it, I’ve probably thought about it this week. Expect there’s one tiny problem… I start to do said inspired task, only to need a nap half way through because I am sick.

Today’s chore was to clean out my wardrobe, because BooHoo have a 60% off sale, but before I could warrant purchasing my entire paycheck worth of clothes, I needed to get organised. Only to find that I needed to lay down 10 minutes into it… Only to wake up an hour later.. #inspirational right?

Anyway, does this happen to ANYONE else? I can’t be alone in this..



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