How to Blog

Today let’s make a listicle, a list of things to do to have a successful blog.
Let’s start by saying that if you don’t appreciate the heavy use of sarcasm, click away. Unless you want to have the most unsuccessful blog ever. In which case, please stay!

  1. Contemplate
    You first need to think about making the blog for a good 4 years prior to making the blog. 4 years may not be enough time, maybe leave room for a year or two either side, just in case.
  2. Obscure Names
    Great, we have the blog, now we need a name. Something catchy but recognisable. Something that’s short and snappy but memorable. Ideally something that relates to the topic’s you’ll want to talk about… You did think about topics, right?!
  3. If you managed to get this far, you’re further than most blogs I own. Congratulations!
  4. Introductions
    Write a quick post about what readers can expect to get from your blog. Introduce yourself and your content. You know the ones, when you promise them the sun, moon and stars! To post every Thursday and Monday blah, blah…
  5. Forget to Blog
    Once you have about 4-5 blogs posted and people just start to interact with you. It’s time to become busy with work, and forget that you have a blog.
  6. “Sorry Guy’s” Post
    Randomly remember that you do indeed have a blog! & get to writing an in depth apology to your two followers. They depended on you, and you let them down. You don’t even know if they will come back for more mediocre reviews on books everyones already read!
  7. Wash, Rinse & Repeat
    Keep this cycle going until you get bored, or tired. Then start again with a new and better blog! Promising to not make any mistakes, but repeat all the same mistakes.

I hope you guys can see the irony in this as it’s exactly how I feel I work with my blogs. I start off so well, then fade out until I get encouraged again and start from scratch. I can’t be the only one that does this!




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