The Life Changing Magic.. REVIEW

..of not giving a fuck. Sarah Knight.

Right, let’s start off by saying, I don’t do self help books. I shy away from the section and struggle to see how I could possibly pick a good one out of the thousands that are undoubtedly, not going to help me.

On a whim, I picked up The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. & I’m glad I did. It was fantastic. Not changed my life straight away fantastic, but it helped me realise how small some things are, & mainly that I worry too much. About the smallest of things, which I used to think was an advantage in life but now realise that I was so very wrong.

The book is a play on The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up. (Which I also want to read.) & I wont lie, I bought it for the liberal use of the word “fuck”. It’s a comprehensive guide on how to reserve your “fucks” for things that matter. With each section taking you through life, family and work, it goes over how to destroy mental clutter.

It was a good quick read, and I’d recommend it to some of my more worrisome friends. If like me, you leave an hour before you need to JUST IN CASE, or agree to attend EVERYTHING anyone asks you too, or have trouble with “no” in general get this book!

I will admit, I was reluctant to pay the 32 AUD price mark, but had a voucher, so it was kinda justified.



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