Life on Pause

Did you ever feel like your life was at a standstill?

Like you had spend so long planning an preparing that when everything happens you have no idea what to do now so you just stop?

Let me give you some context.

I have just been granted the first stage of a partner visa in Australia. Which means that I can study, which is all I’ve wanted to do for about 2 years now. However, now I need the money and time to actually go to university and I’m like, well shit. What do I want to study? How will I manage work and study, to save for the life I’ve started to create over here.

Two days a week, I intern at a media company. It’s great but its two full days I’m not earning the money I need to progress in life. I’m getting experience and developing a portfolio, but in my experience, companies tend to want a recent grad with like 5 years experience at least.

So, even though I’m doing as much as I can, with everything I’ve got, it feel’s like I’m going nowhere and my life is still on pause.

Something else you should know about me is I’m a worrier. I tend to worry about worrying most days. Or worry when I haven’t worried enough.



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