This blogging malarkey is harder than I remember it to be.

When I blog about a book, it’s simple. I have things I want to talk about and a clear direction I want the review to head in. Having this blank canvas is difficult. Mainly because I want it to be perfect. But I need to allow myself time to grow and develop a place for all my thoughts and imaginings.

I’ve been pretty much working 7 days a week at one job in a hostel, and an internship at a media company, writing across three different platforms. But I’m burning out, fast.

I thought I could do it easy enough, I mean it’s experience and I need the experience to be able to get that dream job. But right now, I’m starting to wonder about my abilities and decisions in life.

I could continue on, writing for this company and face burning out creativity and physically or take a full time job to try and save the money to hop, skip and jump my way into university.
Both valid options, both scary and both with their pro’s and con’s.

Sometimes being an adult is too much.

What would I do if I ever had a real problem?



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